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Hello, Welcome to Shipment Tracker!

Thru this page, directly connected to Bartolini Freight Company's website, you can track the shipment of the good/s you ordered at our shop. As soon as you will place an order, you'll immediately receive a confirmation e-mail and then in the next hours/days, you'll get some more messages so that you can be informed about your order status.

As soon as the status will switch to SHIPPED, you will receive Your Tracking Code; by inserting it in the appropriate box below, you'll get all tracking informations you may need:

  • Item/s pick up at our warehouse
  • Arrival of the good/s at your city
  • Scheduled delivery to your home
  • and so on...

To track your shipment, please insert your 12 Digitis TRACK CODE into the first field named SHIPMENT REFERENCE then click SEARCH.

If the Bartolini area below doesn't load correctly (it may happen because of many connections) please refresh this page.