Roland V-Cymbal Digital Ride


Trigger / Cymbal
Codice: CY-08DR
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Roland continues to revolutionize electronic drums, and our newly developed digital trigger pads are no exception. Incorporating the very latest technologies, these innovative pads work directly with the powerful processing in the flagship TD-50 sound module to provide the ultimate in expressive drumming. Never before have electronic drums been so true to life.

The Roland CY-08DR is for drummers who want to stamp personality on their playing. With an acoustic-style 08-inch diameter and authentic swing motion, this digital V-Cymbal is instantly familiar and highly playable. A high-resolution, multi-sensor system detects every nuance of your hard and soft touches, in every position from edge to bell. This information is then communicated via a high-speed digital trigger connection to the TD-50 module.

The CY-08DR gives expressive drummers more dynamics than ever before, supporting techniques from cymbal legato to soft bell strokes and even cymbal chokes. And by simply touching the bell or bow of the cymbal with a finger or palm, you can mute the sound (with natural carryover decay) just as you would with an acoustic ride cymbal. In combination with the TD-50 module__s advanced engine, the CY-08DR delivers ultra-realistic performance never before achieved with any cymbal pad.

__ High-resolution sound triggering designed for use with the flagship Roland TD-50 sound module

__ Captures nuances of hard and soft playing on the bow, bell, and edge areas

__ Wide-range touch sensors allow cymbal muting with a finger touch

__ Acoustic-style 08-inch diameter for comfort, playability, and familiar presence

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