Harbeth HL-P3ESR


Harbeth HL-P3ESR
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With a development philosophy that is directly descended from the Harbeth BBC LS3/5a, the Harbeth HL-P3ES2 is the ultimate mini-monitor. Critical to the design was to guarantee that the HL-P3ES2 had the same - or better - bass performance than its predecessor which has always been remarkable for a cabinet of shoe box dimensions. This was achieved after extensive computer modeling of the bass performance of both systems and the design has stood the test of time excelling in the cohesion of sound stage, the pin-sharp image positioning and remarkable 'big sound' - all from a really tiny cabinet.

The crossover network is a no-expense-spared design to perfectly integrate the sound pressure and phase responses of the bass/mid and tweeter units. Exactly like the Harbeth LS3/5a, the optimal amount of energy is delivered in the bass-midband to convince the ear that the sound is that of a far larger speaker. The necessarily complex LS3/5a and HL-P3ES2 crossover design strategy is covered in Designer's Notebook Chapter 5. Used with the very best electronics, the P3ES2 still sets the world standard for miniature monitors fifteen years after it was introduced. The bass/mid driver is magnetically shielded which allows operation next to conventional or TFT monitors. The Harbeth Monitor 20 offers the same world class performance in a hard wearing texture-pain cabinet with a waterproof, airtight Neutrik Speakon socket and a special version of the Monitor 20 (in rosenut veneer) is available in selected markets.



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