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Neumann KH 310 A R G

SKU: 505576
The KH 310 three-way active tri-amplified monitor features a Mathematically Modeled Dispersion™ Waveguide (MMD™) - RIGHT
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    General Description

    The KH 310 three-way active tri-amplified monitor features a Mathematically Modeled Dispersion™ Waveguide (MMD™), flexible acoustical controls, various input options and an extensive range of mounting hardware. This allows the loudspeaker to be used in diverse acoustical conditions, with any source equipment and in a wide variety of physical locations. The KH 310 represents the latest in acoustic and electronic simulation and measurement technologies to ensure the most accurate sound reproduction possible.

    The KH 310 is designed for use as a near-field monitor, as a front loudspeaker in mid-sized multi-channel systems, or as a rear loudspeaker in a larger multi-channel system. It can be used in project, music, broadcast centers, OB vans, and post production studios for tracking, mixing, and mastering. 

    Best of Show Awards 
    for the 133rd AES Convention
    in San Francisco 2012

    Block Diagram (Download)

    Product Feature Benefit to the Customer
      Powerful alloy fabric dome
    Low-distortion high-frequency reproduction
      Elliptical Mathematically Modeled Dispersion™ (MMD™) waveguide, with wide horizontal and narrow vertical dispersion
    Smoother off-axis response,
    More forgiving of diverse acoustical environments
    Freedom of movement across the mixing console 
    Reduces reflections off the mixing console
      New in-house simulated drivers
    Latest modeling techniques used to minimize non-linear (intermodulation) distortion
      Fabric dome, neodymium magnet, midrange driver
    Dedicated driver reproduces important midrange frequencies, which is especially important for speech and vocals
    Light weight dome has better transient response and less breakup modes than cone designs
    High power magnet reduces harmonic and intermodulation distortion
      Long throw composite sandwich cone bass driver with Extremely Linear Force Factor™ (ELFF™) and ribbed surround
    Damping of break-up modes and low distortion at high sound levels
    Linear pistonic motor gives a very low harmonic distortion even at high excursions
    Reduced radial break-up modes on the ribbed surround
      Two-color + dimmable Neumann logo
    Displays operation status and activation of the extensive protection system
    Dimmable for low lighting level conditions or behind the screen applications
      Compact sealed three-way cabinet design (magnetically shielded)
    No standing wave resonances
    Fastest bass transient response
    Reduced intermodulation distortion in midrange
      One-piece front panel with no discontinuities
    Reduced diffraction and smoother frequency response
      Powerful analog class AB amplifiers withlarge headroom
    Improved transient response
      Independent thermo limiters for woofer, midrange dome and tweeter to protect the voice coils. Woofer soft clip and excursion limiters
    Fast acting, high reliability and allows extraction of the maximum performance from the system
      Production consistency due to individual hand-alignment in final test
    Any KH 310 is “pair-matched” to any otherKH 310
      4-position bass, low-mid and trebleacoustical controls
    More control in diverse acoustical environments
      Wide range input gain and output level controls
    Easier interfacing with signal sources
      Ground lift
    Reduced noise in electrically noisy environments and over-comes ground loops
      Universal switched-mode power supply(100 … 240 V)
    One version works in any country and robust to poor quality mains supply
      Extensive mounting hardware options
    More flexibility in mounting cabinets in more diverse locations and backwards compatibility with previous models
      Optional robust metal grille
    Can be used, if required, to protect the drivers
      Optional transportation accessories
    Stylish soft carry bag with space for cables
    Robust wooden flight case
    Delivery Includes
      1x KH 310 A
      3x Main cables (European, UK and US version)
      4x Self-adhesive feet
      1x Operating manual
      1x Supplement "Getting Started Quickly"
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